Drop in Art and Music is CANCELLED June 14th 3:30pm Drop in Art and Music is CANCELLED June 14th 3:30pm

How Are You Feeling?


The How Are You Feeling board book from Mudpuppy introduces emotional literacy, self-awareness, and empathy to toddlers in an engaging and interactive way.

This board book features bright and colorful animals illustrating 18 emotions with 9 lift the flaps for an educational and fun experience.

• Early Learning Fun - Provide toddlers with the support they need in learning about their feelings.
• Bright and Bold Artwork - Bright and colorful illustrations will make the learning process easy and fun for little ones.
• Bonus Mirror - Children can use the mirror on the last page to check out their own facial expressions and emotions.
• Perfect Size - Small 6.25 x 6.25" board book is just the size for little hands.

It's not just about class time.

It's not just about class time.

It is about what we all take away.  How we feel when we sing together, how a song can make a child smile or soothe them during tough times.  The list of benefits acquired from singing and music making is extensive.  We may not see it right away, but if we pay attention, we will soon discover how important a role music plays in a child's development.  The connections fostered between peers in each class is amazing to see and we love watching our little friends come to life in each and every class.  Come join the fun!


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