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Play Outside UBC Workshop


PlayOutsideUBCLab x Chorus Kits

Join Chorus & Clouds in welcoming Hebah Hussaina, from Play Outside UBC Lab. Chorus and Clouds founder and principal educator, Jessica Schellenberg, will also be presenting on the multiple opportunities for language to support play.

Tuesday April 30th - 7-9PM at 2505 West Broadway Chorus Kits!

Research is clear on the importance of regular and repeated access to outdoor risky play. Despite the known benefits of outdoor play, children in North America are spending less time outdoors. In addition, children’s play experiences have become more monitored and controlled. This session will help you build the case about the need for outdoor risky play in your experiences with children, whether as an educator, parent, or family member. Learn the key concepts that support outdoor risky play and how you can begin to incorporate these into your outdoor experiences with children. This workshop will highlight examples from the field, outline how to identify a hazard from a risk, and showcase recent research from the Play Outside UBC Lab. This session will also make available the resources and tools to help you get started in your role supporting young children’s participation in outdoor risky play.

Read this quick post from when Rachel Ramsden from Play Outside UBC visited us previously!

The Play Outside UBC Lab, led by Dr. Mariana Brussoni, is dedicated to studying child injury prevention and children’s outdoor play. This research looks at the effect of outdoor play on children, the influence of adults (parents, caregivers, educators, and others) on children’s play opportunities, the design of outdoor environments (play spaces, neighbourhoods) to support outdoor play, as well as policies to promote outdoor play.

*hours can be added at pro-d hours for Educators. We will provide a certificate of completion*


Photo credit: Cara Mand

It's not just about class time.

It's not just about class time.

It is about what we all take away.  How we feel when we sing together, how a song can make a child smile or soothe them during tough times.  The list of benefits acquired from singing and music making is extensive.  We may not see it right away, but if we pay attention, we will soon discover how important a role music plays in a child's development.  The connections fostered between peers in each class is amazing to see and we love watching our little friends come to life in each and every class.  Come join the fun!


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