May-June classes are on now and run until June 22. Registration for our July-August semester opens June 1st 8am May-June classes are on now and run until June 22. Registration for our July-August semester opens June 1st 8am

Magical Music (0-5 years) Drop-In


Mt Pleasant

  • Wednesdays 9:15-10 AM with Jessica Schellenberg AGES 0-5 years
  • Friday 3:30-4:15 with Jessica Schellenberg AGES 0-5 years

    A parent participated mixed-age music class. Magical Music was created by Jess Schellenberg, Women of Distinction -Connecting the Community- award recipient and Art, Culture and Design nominee 2022.

    Music is the heartbeat to how we connect with our people in our studio and is a key part in early childhood development(see below). A little song to nourish and nurture brings profound moments of positivity in our world and our lives. More importantly, the connection it brings between child and parent helps solidify a loving foundation as they navigate life.  We do music in the early years with heart, attentiveness and the view of the child as being absolutely full of potential. Our folk driven sound, ensures parents love the experience as much as their children. 

    We offer a wide repertoire of original songs, old folk, pop-folk and modern songs that you are bound to recognize.  Each song is accompanied by either a music instrument or a playful prop. We move through the 45 minute class from sitting peacefully, to enjoying gesture based songs and from time to time we move about the class for our classic DANCE OFF--always offering free choice to participate or not. We pride ourselves on this dynamic and highly melodic class leaving anyone attending feeling full of bliss!

    Join Chorus & Clouds' Magical Music as we introduce children to music, movement, friendship and FUN!

    • $30 per child pre-book or just drop in at the door
    • Suitable for children 0-5 years old, perfect for siblings
    • Eligible with 10 Class Pass

    Benefits of Music Classes for Babies and Children

    • Music is the gateway to the soul and can be a catalyst for developing a solid foundation for social skills.

    • Sensory awareness and motor skills - As infants discover new instruments, they figure out how to use them and how to make the sounds they want.

    • Language development - exposure to language is crucial for babies, especially through an accessible activity like making music. With our earthy-folk vibe, melodic songs and high repetition repertoire, children will always be given the tools to open up and explore their musicality.

    • Parent-child bonding - Life as a new parent can be a lot, but it’s important to spend regular focused time with your little one in order to strengthen those parent-child emotional connections. Our environment is and has always been an inclusive one. The doors welcome you all!


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