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'The Nook' - A Weekly Gathering for parents, nannies and carers

Indeed It Takes A Village

When we allow others to hold us near and dear, to give care, to nourish and nurture us through postpartum, we may notice the haze lifts and becomes a little lighter.  Being supported by others may lighten your world. In the very tough early days of the pandemic, 'our villages' may have closed up and perhaps for some even vanished. 

But we're here to say, we've got you. 

Come to our "weekly" gathering at our Kitsilano location with your child or solo. To listen, to simply just BE and/or to share.  

We have a host of speakers that will be our featured guests. Always seeking to hold space for you and to create opportunity for connection. Something as important as ever in today's society. We look forward to bringing back what we love to do.

Forthcoming  Speakers:

*This FREE event will be Wednesdays 11:45-1PM and includes tea and live music by children's musician Jess. No need to book, just come!  See list of dates/speakers and their focus topic for the event below.

Feb 7: Nora Lott, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, will be sharing tips on how you and your family can (re)connect with nature for rejuvenation of the senses, stress and anxiety reduction, and utter delight! 

Feb 14: Carly Lochbaum of Treloar Physiotherapy will share insight into managing and preventing common ailments and injuries post partum and when caring for a child. She will outline exercise recommendations, considerations and timelines for birthing parents including a return to running, sport and weight lifting

Feb 21: Lauren Hershfield, Occupational Therapist and Elise Fairey, Registered Dietician, co-founders of The Feeding Group will join us! Some questions we'll be exploring:
How do I know if my baby is ready for solids?What are the best first foods to offer and how to prepare them?What’s the best way to introduce new foods and textures?Understand the difference between gagging & chokingHow to introduce allergens and what to watch forWhat feeding schedule and portion sizes to followWhat do I do if my baby isn’t doing well with solids?Everything you need to know about introducing cups

Feb 28: Veronica Li, Registered Clinical Counsellor (she/her) from CAYA Health Centre will be offering a workshop on nurturing connections and how to take care of yourself and your relationships after becoming a parent. Welcoming a new baby into your lives can be a joyful and exciting time, it can also bring up significant changes to your relationship dynamics and individual well-being. She will be discussing pressures, expectations, guilt and shame in new parenthood, intimacy, and community support. 

March 6: Brigitte McRae from Feeding from the Heart will be sharing about: positive mealtimes with our family: how to stress less and call in more ease and trust when it comes to feeding our kids
March 13: Our resident sleep expert, Sasha Kern of BlissfulBabySleep, visits to answer all your sleep related questions!

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