Sept-Oct semester runs Tues Sept 5-Sat Oct 28. Monday classes start Sept 11. Sept-Oct semester runs Tues Sept 5-Sat Oct 28. Monday classes start Sept 11.

'The Nook' - A Weekly Gathering for parents, nannies and carers

Indeed It Takes A Village

When we allow others to hold us near and dear, to give care, to nourish and nurture us through postpartum, we may notice the haze lifts and becomes a little lighter.  Being supported by others may lighten your world. In the very tough early days of the pandemic, 'our villages' may have closed up and perhaps for some even vanished. 

But we're here to say, we've got you. 

Come to our "weekly" gathering at our Kitsilano location with your child or solo. To listen, to simply just BE and/or to share.  

We have a host of speakers that will be our featured guests. Always seeking to hold space for you and to create opportunity for connection. Something as important as ever in today's society. We look forward to bringing back what we love to do.

Forthcoming  Speakers:

*This FREE event will be Wednesdays 11:45-1PM and includes tea and live music by children's musician Jess. No need to book, just come!  See list of dates/speakers and their focus topic for the event below.

August 16th: Dr. Carley and Dr. Emma of Clementine Natural Health will be here to talk about Raising Resilient Children - The Gut Microbiome in Kids. They will discuss the microbiome - what it is, how it relates to skin health, digestion, and immunity, and what we can do to optimize it.

August 23rd:  The beautiful soul Cayley Benjamin exploring and opening up on topics of  matrescence and the journey of motherhood. Cayley hopes to discuss a few things, that motherhood isn't just an event, that is much more... This week's topic will be about finding more you and more joy in motherhood. 

Sept 6th: Lauren Hershfield, Occupational Therapist and Elise Fairey, Registered Dietician, co-founders of The Feeding Group will join us! Both of them have built their practices around supporting parents through feeding challenges, including starting solids and picky eating. Chorus and Clouds will be collaborating with Lauren and Elise to offer a new program Food Explorers registering now for Sept-Oct classes.

Sept 13th: Join massage therapist Aurora Allen, RMT for some hands-on baby massage tips and techniques.

Sept 20th: The Mama Coach Amanda Archibald, RN and lactation consultant IBCLC will visit with her mission to guide families through every stage of their parenting journey, by providing evidence informed education infused with nonjudgmental support, compassion, and empathy.

Sept 27th: Anna Bardi, CCCwill be here to talk about Play Therapy, the nervous system from a developmental perspective and the importance of co-regulation with young children.

Oct 4: Brianna Fong, MPT from Kids Physio will be sharing about motor development for little ones aged 0-12m old - some questions we'll be exploring together: why is crawling important? what should i watch out for as they continue to develop? what should my baby be up to at their age? 

Oct 11: Jessica Schellenberg (aka Clementine) will be here to serenade us with her sweet family folk music. Come for a gentle and joyful time as we bask in the lovely cozy fall season

Oct 18: Angela Hollett from Bloom Natural Nutrition will share about top 3 foods to incorporate postpartum and tips when to introduce solids 

Oct 25: Join Sasha Kern from Blissful Baby Sleep for tips on baby sleep over the holidays

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