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Project Love Run x Chorus

Community is built on connection, the mindset of growth, and a desire to create a space for those amongst us to feel safe, seen and welcome.

Filsan and Jess (Founders of Project Love Run and Chorus & Clouds respectively) have developed a relationship of mutual respect over the past 3 years, and have built an organic connection to create a partnership where their communities can come together to support one another, and explore new ground. 

This winter, we invite you to join us as we create space through movement, nourishment and discussion. 

When: November 26th, 2023, 8:30am 

Meet: Chorus & Clouds, 197 E17th avenue

What: PLR Vancouver Presents: Your Running Wellness Debunked Again 

Discussion: As we close in on the new year, we all know there will be so many harmful messages masquerading as "Health & Wellness". This discussion is designed to equip us with the tools needed to make it through the year in one peace.

Our goal: To find ways to overcome harmful narratives so we can continue to trust and connect with our Bodies on a deeper level.

Your registration includes: 

- a 2/3km and 5km walk/run with PLR founder Filsan and Vancouver Run Lead, Clare Wilkes 

-brunch at Turf

-curated reading list & questions to support ongoing learning



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Our Studio

Our Studio

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