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Peaceful Routine Kit

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to empower your child from a young age?

Every child needs a reminder that they are important in a personal & fun way. This peaceful routine kit and affirmation cards by The Mimmo Project are tools that can be a positive addition to your child’s morning or bedtime routine. They feature affirmations which are great for children’s development, use it as a positive reminder to make their day better, increase self-confidence and motivation.

Designed for children age 8-12 years, but what’s great about this kit is that the whole family can bond and benefit from them too! Promote self-esteem with this kit that contains 15 affirmations!

Messages include:

● I am loved, I am creative, I am confident, I am important, I am kind, and more…

This kit contains:
● 5" x 7" affirmation poster
● 5" x 7" Peace Corner poster
● 5" x 7" routine poster (double-sided)
● 15 affirmation cards that can be decorated with coloring tools you probably have at home!
● 1 breathing card (double-sided)
● "All About Me" booklet
● "My Gratitude Book" booklet
● Instructions

● Affirmation cards are the thickness of a business card
● The breathing card is sturdy, not easily bent

All products are printed in Canada.


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