Registration for May-June opens April 1st at 8am! Registration for May-June opens April 1st at 8am!

Open Wonder Studio (Drop In)


Open Wonder Studio is an invitation to our learning studio for the youngest members of our community ages 3-12ish months. We invite parents/caregivers to foster the developing child’s curiosity and need for exploration through play.

Mt Pleasant

  • Mondays 1-1:45PM


  • Wednesdays 1:30-2:15PM (no drop-in March 29)

 *To book online, please book more than 30 minutes before class starts

Rescheduling is available up to 30 minutes before your scheduled class with the reschedule link on your confirmation receipt. Classes cannot be cancelled or refunded.

This drop-in studio time is driven by our philosophy that children are capable, confident and curious. They are not empty vessels waiting to be filled with information. Reggio Emilia identifies the Environment as the third teacher. In this approach, the environment is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully arranged to suit the children’s developmental stages and ignite their interest. Materials are introduced in the environment to promote exploration, experimentation, problem solving skills through open-ended play.

While there are elements of inspiring children’s curiosity in the class, experiences and activities are child led. We welcome you to find moments and organic happenings during each class and share them with us and your little one!

  • $25 per child pre-book or just drop in at the door
  • suitable for infants ages 3-12ish months
  • Eligible with 10 Class Pass

What does the shape of the class look like?

  • a 45 minute class
  • short gathering circle with songs/book/felt story
  • several engaging discovery centres that touch on all areas of learning
  • an opportunity for babies to share social moments with their peers, maybe for the first time!

We continue to encourage mask wearing. It is however a personal choice.  We ask that children and adults not attend if feeling unwell. Chorus offers these afternoon classes as a peaceful break in the day, bring a tea, relax and be a part of the magic. 


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