Registration for our November-December semester opens Oct 1st at 8am! Registration for our November-December semester opens Oct 1st at 8am!

Grasping Toy Car


Solid wood first push car with diameters and smoothed edges well-suited to learning to grasp toys. Made by Walter. Wooden rings create gentle noise to encourage hand-eye coordination. Rolling wheels perfect for first pushing/pulling experiences. Measures approx 10 x 10 x 6cm. 

Colourful, child-friendly baby toys designed to engage are produced and quality-controlled under the Walter brand by Nic Toys. The soft, round shapes and robust mechanics are particularly suitable for babies and toddlers. Walter graspers feature quality handicraft work with partly hand-painted surfaces as well as saliva-resistant paintwork (EN

Made in Europe. Care and cleaning of this toy requires only a moist cloth and avoidance of the use of chemical cleaning agents.

It's not just about class time.

It's not just about class time.

It is about what we all take away.  How we feel when we sing together, how a song can make a child smile or soothe them during tough times.  The list of benefits acquired from singing and music making is extensive.  We may not see it right away, but if we pay attention, we will soon discover how important a role music plays in a child's development.  The connections fostered between peers in each class is amazing to see and we love watching our little friends come to life in each and every class.  Come join the fun!


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