Sept-Oct semester runs Tues Sept 5-Sat Oct 28. Monday classes start Sept 11. Sept-Oct semester runs Tues Sept 5-Sat Oct 28. Monday classes start Sept 11.

Food Explorers (Best suited for ages 5-12 months)


Join us for a dynamic food play class, led by The Feeding Group’s skilled and experienced Dietitian and Occupational Therapist, for babies starting solids or facing challenges. We’ll explore new foods every week, blending sensory and developmental food play, while you receive expert guidance and answers to all your questions related to introducing solids and promoting good eating habits. 

This class will include a food-themed story time, food exploration in highchairs, and discussion with a feeding & nutrition therapist. Each class provides you and your baby with the opportunity to learn something new!

Thursdays at 12:00-12:45 PM with Lauren Hershfield / Elise Fairey (The Feeding Group)

Classes will run Sept 28th - Oct 26th at our Kitsilano location 2505 W. Broadway

  • 45 minutes

  • 5 Sessions | $250
  • Sibling discount available use code SIBLING when registering more than one family member for the same class.
  • Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • We will provide you with group occupational therapy/dietitian receipts at the end of the series for those weeks that you are present in class, which may allow this class to be covered by your insurance! Check with your insurance provider to confirm eligibility.

Class Highlights:

  • Benefit from expert guidance on introducing solids and promoting good eating habits.

  • We'll demonstrate how to introduce various food textures, shapes, and flavors to pique your baby's interest and encourage self-discovery.
  • Engage your baby's senses through interactive sessions designed to stimulate their curiosity and enhance their sensory experience.
  • Learn to create a positive mealtime environment, establish routines, and encourage self-feeding.
  • A variety of nutritious foods and highchairs will be provided each class.
  • Connect with fellow parents and caregivers in a supportive environment as you navigate the journey of introducing solids together.

Register today in our Food Explorers Class to give your baby the best start on their solid food journey.

It's not just about class time.

It's not just about class time.

It is about what we all take away.  How we feel when we sing together, how a song can make a child smile or soothe them during tough times.  The list of benefits acquired from singing and music making is extensive.  We may not see it right away, but if we pay attention, we will soon discover how important a role music plays in a child's development.  The connections fostered between peers in each class is amazing to see and we love watching our little friends come to life in each and every class.  Come join the fun!


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